Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO)

Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) is a light, sweet crude oil produced in Nigeria. It is a high-quality oil with a low sulphur content, making it desirable for refining into gasoline and other products. BLCO is one of the most sought-after grades of crude oil in the world. It is also one of the most reliable sources of crude oil for international markets due to its consistent quality and availability.

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO)

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) which is also known as diesel is a by-product of crude oil. It is in the mid-boiling range of crude oil refining. AGO is a less flammable fuel compared to other petroleum products such as premium motor spirit. It is more dependable and efficient when running heavy-duty equipment.

Premium Motor Spirit (PMS)

Premium motor spirit (PMS), also known as petrol, is a type of fuel used in internal combustion engines. It is a petroleum-derived product that is primarily composed of hydrocarbons and contains additives for improved performance. PMS is used in cars, motorcycles, boats, and other motorised vehicles. It is usually sold in a liquid form and is available in different octane ratings, depending on the type of engine and the manufacturer’s specifications.

Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

DPK, also known as paraffin oil and lamp oil, is a delightfully diverse product used in a wide range of applications, including cooking oil, lighting oil, and fuel in the aviation industry.

Kerosene is mainly produced from petroleum but can also be sourced from coal and wood. In Nigeria, it is still widely used for oil lamps despite the wide availability and popularity of electric lights.

Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO)

This is a dark oil that is an essential resource used to power steam generation in industries such as food, construction, and textiles. Technically speaking, it is mainly made up of the residues of crude-oil distillation.

High Pour Fuel (HPFO)

It is a really thick and tar-like substance derived from crude oil after all of the more purified oil has been extracted.

HPFO is known for its popularity as a fuel source for the marine industry because of its cost-effectiveness and its ability to produce high levels of motion and heat required to power marine vessels.